Really Good Blogs

There are a lot of blogs on personal finance and running a law firm. Here are some of the ones I like and read. Most of these folks know more than me.

Personal Finance

Mr. Money Moustache

MMM is the O.G. of personal finance blogs. He’s hardcore on expenses and the importance of not acting like a sheep who chases the cheap fleeting happiness of buying crap.

Budgets are Sexy

White Coat Investor

The Biglaw Investor

Physician on FIRE

1500 Days

Passive Income MD

Mad Fientist

Financial Panther

I, Vigilante

The Happy Philosopher

Gold Medal Finance

Though, reading personal finance blogs takes time. As with all uses of your time, think about why you want to reads personal finance blogs . You may be better off playing board games with your kids/spouse/friends.

Law Firm Management Blogs

Divorce Discourse

Tell your spouse in advance if you’re going to be reading this. It’s not about divorces. Really. It’s also a really good blog for anyone in the professional services world.

My Shingle


A mid-40s lawyer in a small firm, writing about financial independence, money in a small law firm, and why lawyers aren't as rich as you think.