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Buying an Investment Property: The Update

We just closed on the investment house I wrote about here.  Or, rather, maybe we just closed on it. It isn’t clear. More on that below.

This post is a summary of what I’ve learned and the process so far.

Be warned; this is a long post that will be dull if you’re not looking at turn key real estate investing.

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I Bought an Investment House

I bought a house.

Actually a second one – we already own the house we live in. And it isn’t strictly speaking true that I bought it – my wife and I bought it. Also, as of this writing, we’re only buying the house; it’s under contract. Still

I’ve been looking at picking up an investment property for a while. Years ago we did some landlording and it was both kind of fun and profitable. Like a fifty-five year old partner with a sad marriage, I like a little side action, only amount money. So, with this year’s bonus, I put some of it into a downpayment on a rental house.

Here are some of the details.

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