About this Blog (and me)

I’m a lawyer. I went to a fancy law school. I had some fancy jobs. Now I’m a partner at a small firm.

I don’t practice in any area of law related to personal finance. I’m not a CPA or a financial planner. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

In other words, don’t take anything here as legal advice. Don’t take it as financial planning advice. You may be better off doing the exact opposite of what I do.

This is where I write about my thoughts about money and personal finance – especially as it relates to someone who makes his money has a lawyer. When it says “A Lawyer’s Money” it means, specifically, this lawyer’s money.

So: Do Not Rely on Anything on this Blog

Why add to an otherwise busy life and write this? Excellent question.

Like most lawyers, and probably most people, I gave little thought to money management. When I had money, I would spend it. When I didn’t, I would also spend it. (Thanks Visa!)

That was as sustainable as a long as I had a really good income. But kind of silly.

At some point, I decided to start trying to figure out how we should handle our money. I read a lot.

And I saw that, while there are plenty of places for doctors or the general public, there’s no good lawyer specific personal finance blog. Sure, a lot of personal finance is the same no matter what you do. But not all of it.

And, voila, “A Lawyer’s Money”

Also, I’m rabidly jealous of how doctors think of all this.

A mid-40s lawyer in a small firm, writing about financial independence, money in a small law firm, and why lawyers aren't as rich as you think.